Conference room Nelly/Nore

This room is located on the ground floor, just one floor below our restaurant, and features large and ample windows facing the nearby beach. The space can accommodate up to 150 people and can be further divided into two rooms with a built-in folding partition.

Size and maximum capacity

Area: 169 square meters
Cinema-style seating: 150 people
Classroom-style seating: 90 people
Island seating: 60 people


Projector 4200 ANSI, 1920 × 1200 resolution
HDMI/VGA and audio system
1 headset, 1 microphone
Whole fruit, water, and sweets

See the room in 3D

Climb into the magnificence of nature

Try out an exciting rope climb, a fun and exciting activity for all, which is also the easiest and safest form of modern climbing. You’ll learn how to handle all the necessary equipment and of course we’ll bring you through a thorough safety review before you make your way up the cliff. This exhilarating activity is suitable for both beginners as well as for more experienced climbers.
To organize this event, we’ve partnered with a local activity company, Spirit Event, a team that organizes fantastic experiences and thrilling adventures all throughout the Bjäre Peninsula.

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