Family adventures and excursions

Do you want to do more than swim, play, do sports and cozy up at the hotel? The Bjäre Peninsula is full of stunning family excursions that are available all year round. Not only do we have Sweden’s longest sand beach just outside our door, we’re also located right near southern Sweden’s premier alpine ski center which also has summer tobogganing, zip lines, mountain biking trails, and other incredibly exciting places to explore — all within an easily navigable area that is fast to travel within. A place practically made for adventures!

by the hotel

Adventures near the hotel

Do you have ants in your pants? At the hotel you can always take a swim in the pool, play billiards, table tennis and football. In the summer we also have a stock of sports equipment you can borrow for outdoor ventures and sports. During some of the school holidays, we open up our Sportsland and the activity club Flamingoklubben.

Just outside our doors lies a wide variety of fantastic and immensely majestic natural scenery for you to explore to your heart’s content. Our nearby beach, the longest sand beach in all of Sweden, abounds with gorgeous shallow waters and bathing-friendly spots for you to play and relax. Visit the small stone pier to fish for crabs — you can find bait in the blue mussels that attach to the surrounding stones. Or explore the world beneath the water’s surface with snorkels where you can discover the rich and varied marine life of the Kattegat. You’ll encounter all sorts of other-worldly sea creatures such as starfish, crabs, flatfish, and our very own seahorse, the broadnosed pipefish. In the holes along the beach dunes live wild bunnies who like to bound about, especially around dawn and dusk.

For those who prefer the trees, right around the hotel lies Malenskogen, a beautiful mixed forest replete with squirrels, woodpeckers and winding paths where you can explore its routes and discover its secrets. Within the forest lies the river Stensån, a rather popular fishing spot for trout and salmon.

Follow the cycling path about 500 meters through the forest to reach Malenbadet, a beautiful outdoor swimming pool with several children’s pools accompanied by a 50-meter swimming pool and water slide. Malenbadet typically opens on the weekend around Ascension Day and stays open until the end of August. Next to Malenbadet is also a playground as well as a summer mini-golf course.

Just one kilometer past that you’ll come across the gorgeous Båstad harbor, with plenty to see, discover, and do. Here you will also find Båstad’s largest playground, Gulstad. In the center of Båstad is a skateboard park, tennis courts, padel courts and soccer fields.

Hallands Väderö

An outing for the whole family

Hallands Väderö must be one of the best destinations for the entire family. Here you can experience a true adventure, stunning scenery, untouched bays and a rich wildlife. The adventure starts as soon as you get on the boat departing from Torekov harbor.

The water at Hallands Väderö is nice and clear, perfect for various activities such as snorkeling and crab fishing with the kids. In the summer, families can find an untouched bay where it is possible to swim, tan on the rocks, go for a stroll and watch seals.

The island is no bigger than 3 square meters, but there’s more to be found here more than you might expect – including beech woods with old climbing trees, bewitching swamps, pebble fields and grasslands stretching down towards the ocean where cows peacefully graze. In the water, the small cutters and rocks make up Hallands Väderö’s own archipelago. You can go for a hike around the island or follow one of the designated trails to make it easier. If you are lucky, you might spot a seal swimming in the water or resting somewhere.

More information from Värderötrafiken can be found here.


Sweden's sunniest island

Hallands Väderö has a mild climate with less rain and more sunshine than the mainland!


Magical, mythical nature

Kullaberg is a different and very exciting destination for families. Older kids in particular often appreciate this magical place. Kullaberg is located at the far end of the Kullen peninsula in northwestern Skåne, 30 km from Båstad. The easiest way to get here is by car from Hotel Riviera Strand. This place is beautiful and spectacular with breathtaking cliffs and views of the Öresund and Kattegatt. There are lots of things to do and discover here. Go on a cave walk with GPS, rappel down a mountain or try out a  porpoise safari. Take a nice walk with the family and take the chance to admire the dramatic and untouched nature that was given three stars in the Guide Michelin, a book covering Swedish attractions. The Kullaberg nature reserve is also the perfect place for fishing, bird watching, diving and mountain climbing.

Caves at Kullaberg

Kullaberg’s mythical caves will allow the imagination to run wild among both adults and children. There are more than 20 caves at Kullaberg, all of which are beach caves along the sea and they are best visited by boat. Some of the caves were inhabited as early as during the Stone Age.
There are many tales and legends inspired by this area, such as Kullamannen and Palnatoke. The environment and history just might lend a bit of inspiration for both scary and fun stories to tell during family trips with the children.

Click here for more information about the Kullaberg nature reserve.

Familjeutflykt på Kullaberg

Great marine life

If you take a look out over the water it is often possible to spot a porpoise or a seal!


Upzone Adventure Park

Challenge yourself at the adventure park

A true adventure for the whole family, with exciting high altitude tracks among the treetops. This is a challenging activity for every member of the family. The perfect way to entertain the kids during their break from school. The adventure park has everything from cable carts and climbing nets to ropes that will take you from tree to tree.

There are six different tracks with various difficulty levels up to 15 meters above ground. There is at least one cableway on each track, the longest being 114 meters. You can, of course, rent safety equipment (harness and helmet) and learn more about safety instructions.

Children 8-10 years old can climb three of the different tracks together with an actively climbing adult. Anyone over 11 years old can climb the four different tracks on their own. Children under the age of 11 must be accompanied by an adult who can actively climb with the children throughout the activity (maximum 2 children / adults).

Click here to learn more about the Adventure Park.

Upzone äventyrspark

Are you scared of heights?

Book an experienced Upzone instructor, who will climb along with you or your child.

Summer luge

The highlight of summer vacation!

Summer luge is an amazing experience for the whole family and it is a very fun activity for summer break. The luge track is located at Hallandsåsen and it stretches as far as 935 meters through the woods. We can promise you that this will be a very popular destination during your visit to Båstad.

Summer luge is an activity in which the rider can adjust speed based on ability. You do not need to be a luge expert to give this a try, as you are the one who will decide how fast you want to go. Slow down or speed up by using the speed control.

Your physical condition, weight, reaction time, balance and flexibility affect the ride, but going on a summer luge ride is easy and no problem for kids. You need to be at least 8 years old to ride by yourself and a minimum age of 3 years old is recommended accompanied by an adult.

Click here for more information about summer luge.

View of the world

The track stretches 935 meters through woods and across land.

Båstad skate park

Fun for the brave one!

The skate park is usually a very fun and appreciated activity in Båstad among the older kids. The young, brave ones can also take part in the fun with the supervision of an adult. There is always a great vibe in the park and everyone learns from and helps one another. The skate park is 600 square meters and located in the center of Båstad, just a few kilometers from Hotel Riviera Strand.

The park is built around a large bowl and there is a long ditch in line with the natural slope of the ground. One side of the ditch is a bank with a hip at the bottom and the other side is a quarterpipe that gets larger the further down you get. You will also find street-inspired obstacles on the other side of the bowl with rails and hubs. The bottom part of this side consists of a wave/bump that gives you speed towards a hip that meets the large quarterpipe from the other side. There is also a large barrier hip down here. The upper section of the park has smaller obstacles with a low quarterpipe and a flatrail. 

There is room for BMX, skateboards and kickbikes. Double check the times as they sometimes tend to schedule the two activities separately. 

Skateparken i Båstad

Park rules

Skateboarding and BMX are always allowed. Scooter/Kickbike weekdays until 5 pm, weekends and holidays until 3 pm.


Båstad Mini golf

A summer classic

A long putt from the beach and Hotel Riviera Strand, on the outskirts of Båstad, you will find this miniature golf course where the whole family can challenge one another. Mini golf is an old Swedish classic and a fun activity on days off. The mini golf course is only a short walk from Båstad, where you can stroll around looking at the boats in the harbor, go shopping and take it easy.

Omgivningar Riviera Strand

Sweden's longest sandy beach

Outside of the hotel, you will find the longest sandy beach in Sweden.  It is wide, shallow, soft and has fun sand dunes.

Norrviken Gardens

Sweden’s most beautiful garden

Historic Norrviken is located on the slopes of Hallandsåsen with many nice gardens and the newly renovated Villa Abelin. Norrviken is well worth a day trip with the family.

This complex consists of gardens in seven different styles, gathered around the main building, Villa Abelin.  In addition to the garden, Norrviken is a venue for concerts, theaters, fairs and exhibitions, a unique meeting place and an attractive wedding venue. Norrviken is also an exciting place for the kids to run around on all the green areas, and there is also a large playground and a fairy tale trail.

One tip is to rent bikes from Hotel Riviera Strand and bike along the ocean all the way over to Norrviken. Bring a picnic basket and explore many beautiful spots on the way there. Enjoy a nice lunch at Norrviken restaurant once you arrive, or have a coffee break in the cafe.

Norrviken Gardens has been named Sweden’s most beautiful park and the second most beautiful in Europe!

Here you can learn more about Norrviken Gardens.

Norrvikens Trädgårdar i Båstad

Did you know

That Norrviken Gardens have been named Sweden’s most beautiful garden? We can attest to the fact that it is amazingly beautiful for the whole family.


Riding Icelandic horses

Experience Bjäre on horseback

Go horseback riding with the family or enjoy some time alone in the beautiful nature of Skåne. ​

The horse farm is just a few kilometers from Hotel Riviera Strand and you can come here with the whole family to try out horseback riding. The farm offers different types of horseback riding tailored to the family, you alone or the group. The tours are in the woods or by the sea and always led by an experienced Icelandic horseback rider.

The nature at Bjärehalvön is unique, offering mixed forests and hilly terrain with beautiful views of the sea. The tours are suitable for both experienced riders and beginners. Children from 8 years of age with horseback riding experience are welcome to ride with a parent. The farm is open all year round. This is an experience that the whole family will enjoy when visiting Båstad.

More information about the Kullaberg nature reserve can be found here.


Islandshästar på Bjärehalvön
Islandshästar på Bjärehalvön

Zipline - Kungsbygget Adventure Park

From a different perspective

Hanging in the air, in a harness clasped on a wire, you fly over trees and forest at an impressive speed.

Kungsbygget Adventure Park is located only a few kilometers from Båstad and Hotel Riviera Strand. The adventure park is beautifully located on Hallandsås with stunning wooded areas and a fantastic view of Halland and Skåne. Gather the family and go for an adrenaline-pumping adventure in the middle of the nature at Hallandsåsen.

Zipline suits families who want a fast-paced experience. Zipline is an aerial runway where you are attached to a harness and slide over the beautiful hillside of Hallandsåsen and Bjärehalvön, with stunning views of the forest and sea.  With a 70 meters drop and 660 or 740 meters of cable, you will fly down the beautiful slope of Hallandsås. This is a very exciting adventure that will get your adrenaline pumping!

To use the zipline, you must be at least 10 years of age and weigh between 30 kg and 110 kg.

Zipline på Hallandsåsen

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