Lots to do at the sports center

Fun activities for school breaks at Sportsland

On selected days during: autumn holidays, winter holidays, and Easter holidays (not Easter 2020); we at Hotel Riviera Strand add lots of fast-paced activities for all our guests, both large and small, at our own Sportsland. This place gives a real kick of energy, with lots of movement and activities for kids and even playful adults!

At Sportsland, the place is often buzzing with all kinds of activities – here, the whole family can work out and chill out. Or why not take a break and let those family members who have some extra energy play and work out for a few hours while you enjoy a luxurious moment in the lounge in front of the fireplace or in the warm Japanese pool. You can always close out the day with a family tournament in ping-pong, soft tennis, juggling or indoor hockey.

Where both parents and kids can enjoy themselves

At Sportsland, the kids can try out many different sports, including table tennis, target shooting, mini-tennis, indoor hockey and mini-football.

Of course, playful adults can also get involved. Here you are allowed to jump in head first! Come by, get some exercise, and challenge your friends, siblings or even mom, dad and other relatives, at any sport.

On selected days during: autumn holidays, winter holidays and Easter holidays; we will arrange daily scheduled activities and competitions for you at Sportsland.

Flamingo club

During select holiday sessions, the Flamingo Club organizes fun activities every day, both in Sportlandet and also outside. In addition, we collaborate with a number of professional players to organize exciting activities outside the hotel, through the Flamingo Action Club.

Good to know

  • For overnight hotel guests, all Sportsland activities are free.
  • Day visitors to Sportsland pay 75 kr / person and day.
  • Children from 6-14 years of age are allowed in Sportsland.
  • Children and siblings under 6 years are welcome as long as they are accompanied by their parents or older siblings.
  • Trained leaders and all sports equipment are in place on selected days during school breaks.
  • At Sportsland, there is always fruit, water, coffee and tea available, free of charge.

Sport center

Our very own Sportlandet is open during autumn holiday, winter holiday, and Easter holiday seasons (not Easter 2020). Outdoors we always have ping pong tables, mini-tennis and soccer goals available. And don’t forget our fantastic sand beach located just outside the hotel!

Opening times and prices

Opening times:
Autumn holidays, winter holidays, and Easter holidays

Day visitors:
SEK 75/person

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Here you can book your stay. Please contact us by email or phone if someone in your party has special dietary restrictions so that your meals can be a nice experience.

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