Activities and sports

Family fun with activities and sports

Whip dad in table tennis, beat sis in swan diving, and break bro in billiards! If you have ants in your pants and love to move, you’ve come to the right place. At Hotel Riviera Strand, there’s plenty of space for sports and activities, both indoors and outdoors, where the whole family can join in.

Activities and sports at the hotel

The hotel has a playroom where children can do crafts, play games, socialize, and play. There’s also billiards, foosball, and table tennis at the hotel. Then we have the pool house, where play and mischief are strictly allowed!

Challenge the family on a quiz walk that you do yourselves. More information can be obtained at the reception.

The Sportland is usally open in autumn/winter/spring (currently closed for the summer). In the Sportland, the whole family can have fun together with mini tennis, floorball, table tennis, and other activities. The selection may vary a bit from time to time, but it’s always a place where both young and old can have fun together.

Nearby activities

Right below the hotel lies the wide, long sandy beach, waiting for those who want to swim, search for beach treasures, build sandcastles, or go on an adventure. In the small leafy Malen Forest behind the hotel, there are trails, bike paths, and an activity round suitable for the whole family. Don’t miss to take a walk through the forest to the new suspension bridge over Lake Öresjön – it swings wonderfully! Next to the public pool Malenbadet, a new playground has opened, with features such as a zip line, slide, and climbing frame.

Do you want to go on an excursion?

Oh, then there’s plenty to choose from! Here are our best tips.

Riviera Field Research

Go on an adventure

Outside the hotel, exciting adventures await that beat Pokémon Go by miles! A forest full of squirrels, rabbits, and woodpeckers and a beach with washed-up treasures… Find them all, solve the challenges, and get great rewards! Download and print the Riviera Field Research – or ask for it at the reception.

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