Have you met the flamingo?

Do you like flamingos, jumping around and a bit of mischief?

Allow us to introduce the crazy, fun Flamingo. Flamingo arrived at Hotel Riviera Strand on a cold winter day in 2015 and has now become a permanent part of the hotel. There are hot pools to heat frozen legs, good food, climbing walls for long and short flamingos and – not to be forgotten – an ice cream machine. In addition, Hotel Riviera Strand has a number of rooms to play in, including Sweden’s longest sandy beach and fun forests to discover.

Flamingo Club

Over the autumn break, Christmas break, the winter holiday and Easter holiday, Flamingo and all the leaders get the Flamingo Club up and running.  This is an activity club that offers lots of fun for kids of all ages. Here the children can play around and make new friends, and of course parents get a nice chance to relax while their kids are busy with fun activities.

Of course, playful adults can also join our antics if the children want.

Family activities with the Flamingo Action Club

During the school holidays, you can visit us at Hotel Riviera Strand for fun, adventurous activities for the whole family with the Flamingo Action Club. Why not join two or three families and have a wonderful experience while getting to know each other?

The activities are led by Care of Sport and Spirit Event. For questions about the various activities, contact the leaders at Sportlandet or Spirit Event at either +46  731 498253, info@spirit-event.se.

Here you will find more information about Care of Sport and Sprit Event.

Included in your family package

All activities in the Flamingo Club and the Flamingo Action Club are free and do not need to be booked before arriving. At the front of the hotel you decide what days or selected activities the children want to participate in. Before every school break, there is a set program for you and your children to have a look at.

Flamingoklubben på Hotel Riviera Strand

Do you want to hang out with me?

To participate in activities at the Flamingo Club, no pre-registration is required.

You must, however, register for the Flamingo Action Club before 10 PM the evening before.

Here you can book your stay. Please contact us by e-mail or phone if someone in your party has special dietary or disability needs, so we can make necessary arrangements prior to your arrival.

We always recommend booking reservations in advance, to ensure your visit will be as good as possible. Please tell us if someone in your group has a special diet or allergies so we can ensure that we will make something they can enjoy.

Here you can book your stay. Please contact us by email or phone if someone in your party has special dietary restrictions so that your meals can be a nice experience.

No two meetings are created equal. Contact us and we will make sure that you get everything exactly the way you want.