Security Measures Regarding Corona (COVID-19)

Hotel Riviera Strand Security Measures

Last Updated 2021-03-31

The hotels and restaurants within GRAM Hotels follow the Swedish Public Health Authorities’ (Folkhälsomyndigheten) guidelines, such as:

  • Allocate sitting hours in the restaurants for all meals
  • Restrict the access to pool and spa
  • Encourage good hand hygiene, maintain social distance and being personally accountable

Here you can read more about Hotel Riviera Strand’s safety measures and precautions around the hotel, and what you can do during your stay with us.

Throughout the hotel:

  • All staff maintain good hand hygiene and we encourage guests to do the same.
  • We have hand-sanitation stations in all common areas throughout the hotel.
  • We do not shake hands when greeting.
  • Our housekeeping staff is extra focused on cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces including high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs and elevator buttons.

Reception area:

  • We maintain social distance, even during busy hours. Sit down in a lounge chair in one of the hotel’s common areas whilst ONE guest in your party checks in.
  • We remind all guests to maintain physical distance from each other.
  • We use floor markings to provide clear indications.
  • On the departure day, please settle your bill at the reception on your way to or from breakfast to avoid any queues during check-out. Once you have paid your bill, you can leave your room key at the express check-out when you leave your room.

Pool house:

  • Please visit the pool house in the early morning (08.00–09.00 AM ), around lunch (11.00 AM–2.00 PM) or late evening (closing hour), when it’s less crowded.
  • During busy hours, we limit the number of guests in the pool house.


  • The restaurant is set-up to keep groups of patrons apart from each other. The local Environmental and Health Authorities are regularly assessing the venue.
  • Breakfast is served during set hours. You will receive your time slot upon check-in.
  • Instead of lunch and dinner buffets, you will be served at your table.
  • We also have the option of a breakfast platter, instead of a breakfast buffet.
  • We have a limited number of guests in the restaurant at any given time.
  • Only table service or take-out is available.
  • Kitchen staff comply with hygiene requirements and maintain good hygiene practices, as per usual.
  • According to current restrictions on serving alcohol, no alcohol is served after 8.00 PM and the restaurant closes at 8.30 PM.
  • According to Swedish Public Health Authorities’ restrictions, only 4 patrons are allowed at one table. Larger parties are seated at several tables, at least one meter apart between tables.

If Someone Should Become Sick:

  • Our employees do not come to work if they have any symptoms.
  • Should you have any symptoms, you must cancel your reservation. Please read more below about our flexible cancellation policy.
  • If a guest should prove to be sick at the hotel, we have developed an action plan in consultation with the hotel physician.

We hope you will feel safe here, knowing that we are doing everything we can for your safety.

Public Gatherings – What Applies?

The Government’s decision to limit public gatherings and public events  does not cover hotels and restaurants.

Closed meetings and conferences arranged by companies or organizations, do not count as general gatherings and are therefore not covered by the ban.

Temporary Cancellation Policy

Valid until 2021-06-06 (Private Reservations)
In the event of cancellation no later than 48 hours before the arrival date, the full reservation value will be refunded. If cancellation protection has been taken out, you have the right to cancel the event with a full refund until 9 am on the day of arrival. The fee for the cancellation protection is not refundable. Please contact the hotel for all cancellations / rebooking.

We offer companies and organizations very flexible cancellation terms. Please contact our conference sales staff to find out more.

Do You Have Any Questions About Your Reservation?
For conference reservations, please contact your salesperson

For private reservations, feel free to contact our reservations staff by phone +46 431 55 82 13 or at

Here you can book your stay. Please contact us by email or phone if someone in your party has special dietary restrictions so that your meals can be a nice experience.

Here you can book your stay. Please contact us by e-mail or phone if someone in your party has special dietary or disability needs, so we can make necessary arrangements prior to your arrival.

We always recommend booking reservations in advance, to ensure your visit will be as good as possible. Please tell us if someone in your group has a special diet or allergies so we can ensure that we will make something they can enjoy.

Fill in your name, contact details and company, and we will contact you as soon as possible (usually the same day).