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Bjärehalvön is an obvious place for anyone who loves golf. With Båstad and Torekov as a starting point you will find over 100 world class golf holes within just 10 minutes’ drive. The favorable climate means that you have the opportunity to play on summer greens throughout nearly the entire year.

In addition, you will play in stunning surroundings with wonderful views of the classic rolling mountain landscape and over Laholm bay and Skälderviken. At our hotel you can enjoy good food and a relaxing spa between rounds. Welcome to Bjärehalvön Golf’s top destination in the Nordic region!


Bjäre GK

Bjäre Golf club - "The Tuscany of Skåne"

High above sea level, just under the sky, and with expansive views of Skälderviken, Kullaberg & Denmark lies Bjäre Golf Hotel & Lodge. This is a gem that stretches over the rolling landscape with the scenic forms of Bjärehalvön. Bjäre GK’s motto is ”Faster, Happier, Golf”.

More information about Båstad GK can be found here.

Utsikt över Bjäre Golfklubb

Båstad GK

Båstad Golf club - old course

The Old Course was Sweden’s first golf course, with 18 holes laid out. With the iconic ”Kvarnen” tastefully placed behind strategically laid out bunkers and greens, the course has long been one of Sweden’s most charming golf experiences.

More information about Båstad GK can be found here.

Bjäre Golfklubb
Utsikt över Båstad GK

Båstad GK – new course

The New Course’s open layout, with wind-swept views of the bay, is a unique golfing experience. With a wonderful refurbishment program, the New Course is now as fun to play as the Old Course.

More information about Båstad GK can be found here

Båstad golfklubb

Torekov GK

Torekov GK

With the sea and the shore as its closest neighbors, Torekov GK is a classic links course that offers great variety in the game and wonderfully unpredictable sea breezes.

The club has highlighted the sense of how the land around the golf course once looked and for several years has been working to bring out and strengthen the links character.

More information about Torekov’s GK can be found here.

Torekovs GK. Golfbana vid havet
Utsikt över havet från Torekovs Golfklubb

Åkargårdens GK

Åkargårdens GK

In the heart of Bjärehalvön you will find a course with a great look and lovely greens. The hilly terrain offers stunning views. Around the corner from the clubhouse you are close to the driving range, short course, dining, shopping, and exercise area, as well as the 1st and 10th tee.

More information about Åkagårdens GK can be found here.

Åkagårdens golfbana i Båstad

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