Gym och personlig tränare PT i Båstad

Gym and Personal Training

A modern hotel will have a modern gym, which is exactly what you’ll find with us. Here, both hotel guests and people from Båstad and the surrounding areas can enjoy both the gym and personal trainers. Guests at the hotel have free access to the gym. If you are not staying at the hotel, we offer training cards that can be bought for individual sessions or longer periods.

Modern and well-equipped gym

The gym is well equipped with modern machines for weight training, but there are also numerous possibilities to work out with free weights. In addition, you have treadmills, exercise bikes and a rowing machines for cardio training at your disposal. The machines have clear instructions about how to use them. Directly adjacent to the gym there are showers and changing rooms for both men and women.

Moderna gymmaskiner på Riviera Strand i Båstad

Personal training for inspiration and structure

A personal trainer (PT) helps you with guidance in training, health and nutrition. Our PTs help you, whether you want to increase your strength, your mobility, learn a new form of training or simply want a structured plan or new inspiration for your workout. We want the concept of PT to mean a professional training partner who can effectively help you achieve your goals through increased training and dietary knowledge. Our PT helps, supports and preps you to reach your goals.

PT Tom Norberg from Elements Training

Our PT Tom Norberg has a long history as a personal trainer, diet adviser, health coach and training consultant and is based in Båstad, where he runs Elements Training.

”I love exercise, everything in training, and one of my great passions is to inspire and motivate others to move, have healthier lives and achieve their goals,” says Tom.

Tom knows what he’s talking about, as he has been involved with many fitness sports, multisport and triathlon. He can help you learn about the gym, get started with your exercise and get a tailored training program focusing on:

  • functional training
  • mental training
  • performance training
  • weight training
  • weight loss
Elements Training PT

Contact Tom

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Combining gym and pool

Do you want to take a swim in the pool, spend some time in the sauna, or relax in the Japanese baths when you come to workout? A combined gym card will make these activities possible.

Please note that the age limit for exercising in the gym is 15 years old.


Personal training
1 hour SEK 600
10 hours SEK 5 000

Gym 12 months SEK 4 000
Gym 6 months SEK 2 100
Gym single entry  SEK 200

Gym/pool 12 months SEK 4 800
Gym/pool 6 months SEK 3 000
Gym/pool 1 month SEK 995
Gym/pool 1 single entry SEK 250
Gym/pool 10-session card SEK 2 200

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