We are building a new outdoor pool area

Finally! Soon you’ll be able to enjoy a large outdoor pool at Hotel Riviera Strand. A much-anticipated addition to the pool house and the refreshing sea dips. Around the large pool, there will be a pergola with a bar and comfortable seating. Additionally, we are building an outdoor children’s pool for our youngest guests. The new pool area will be completed on June 1, 2024.

This is what we are building:

  • An outdoor pool measuring 18×6 meters with a gradual depth of 110-170 cm.
  • A children’s pool sized 7×5 meters with a depth of 35 cm.
  • A pergola with a bar and seating around the large pool.
  • Changing rooms, 2 toilets, and an accessible toilet.

The large pool and pergola are being constructed in the courtyard, between the entrance to the pool house and the southern hotel wing. The children’s pool will be placed just around the corner, near the existing terrace.

Construction is ongoing from November 2023. The grand opening for the first swim will take place on June 1, 2024.

Why are we building?

”This will be fun!” says Marcus Bengtsson, CEO of Hotel Riviera Strand. ”This is a significant and crucial step in further developing Hotel Riviera Strand. With the new pool area, the hotel becomes even more attractive to families, cycling enthusiasts, and conference attendees.”

”Several of our guests have wished for an outdoor pool as a complement to the indoor pool and the sea. The idea is to heat the pools using solar panels. The pools will be heated to 28 degrees Celsius from May to September,” Marcus concludes.


Offer: Winter package without pool

During a few weeks in January, we will need to close the pool house due to the ongoing construction. During this time, you can book a special hotel package, the Winter Package without pool, which is suitable for both children and adults. Take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the hotel’s cozy atmosphere, luxurious breakfasts, lounging in the lobby, delicious meals, and the beautiful nature right outside the door. You can also work out in the gym or on the outdoor jogging track. Play table tennis, billiards, and have fun in the activity room. If swimming is on your agenda, there are three lovely aquatic centers within a 20-minute drive, complete with water slides, whirlpools, and bubbling hot tubs.

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Welcome to our new outdoor swimming world (environmental picture Krook & Tjäder)

Beautiful outdoor relaxing area in the pergola by the pool (environmental image Krook & Tjäder)

A smaller pool for our younger guests (environmental picture Krook & Tjäder)

The large pool will be 18×6 meters (environmental image Krook & Tjäder)

View from above (environmental image Krook & Tjäder)

The pool is heated to 28 degrees May–September (environmental picture Krook & Tjäder)

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