Strandnära läge, mitt i skogen

Right by the sea,
in the middle of the forest

Beach hotel on Sweden’s Riviera

As the name reveals, Hotel Riviera Strand is a beach hotel located by the sea in Båstad, in northwestern Skåne. In the 1930s, the first version of Riviera Strand was built – an Art Deco-style hotel. This was in the same location as the new beach hotel was later built. The old style has inspired the architecture of the new buildings, in which the period details of the past can also be found.

As you approach the hotel from the main road, you are led by a beautiful avenue down to the sea and the beach where the hotel is located. From the reception building you reach the Restaurant Riviera and the cozy lounge. In this building you will also find a gym, playroom and conference rooms.

The hotel area consists of two further buildings in three plan with apartment suites and several lounge areas with views of Malens strandskog, Stensån, the beach and the sea.

The hotel has spacious garden areas with space for volleyball, soccer, ping pong and much more. Located in the center of the hotel area you will find the pool house which houses swimming pools for adults and children, a sauna, a Japanese outdoor pool and a large pool deck.

50 steps to beach and sea

Hotel Riviera Strand is located in a quiet part of Båstad, right on the long, fine-grained sandy beach, also known as the Swedish Riviera. The beach follows the Laholm bay and is Sweden’s longest sandy beach. Here you can swim both directly from the beach, as well as from swim platforms that are set up in the summertime.

The beach and the sea are also the place for lots of outdoor activities, allowing play and fun for the whole family. The beachside location offers you the possibility of water sports such as kite surfing, sailing, optimist sailing for the smaller ones, sea kayaking, SUP and surfing – just as it should be at a beach hotel.

20 steps to the middle of the forest

Malen Forest located just off the hotel area is crisscrossed by trails and jogging tracks lined with pines and trees. The bird life in the area is both rich and exciting; from the hotel you can hear the soothing birdsong much of the year. Stensån, a river which flows just behind the hotel area, is classified as being of national importance because of its salmon and trout. A fishing license, which you can get at the hotel, is required to fish.

Interested in history? In the Malen forest there is a burial field from the Bronze Age, and along Stensån there are boundary stones built in connection with the treaty of Brömsebro. These served to demarcate the border between Sweden and Denmark until 1658.

Close to Båstad’s shopping and entertainment

Båstad city center is 2 km from the hotel. You can follow the beach all the way there or take a lovely bike ride along the paths by the sea. In the center there are plenty of shops, cafes, restaurants, night club and
Sweden’s tennis museum.

Båstad is located in the highest area of northwestern Skåne, three quarters of which is surrounded by sea. Today, Båstad is known as a kind of metropolis of leisure, and is also known for the international tennis tournaments that are played every summer. The village has about 5,000 inhabitants, and every year, the Bjäre Peninsula is visited by approximately 1.2 million tourists.

Stensån i Malenskogen, Båstad
Strandskog, tallar
Sandstranden vid Riviera, Båstad
Strandhyddor Rivera, Båstad

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