Bring your team together with fun bonding activities! Whether inside or out, for a single hour or the entire day, a match of physical prowess or a contest of the minds — our enthralling tasks will unite the whole group as one!

Hosting the right activity helps reinforce the purpose of your meeting, creates an atmosphere of team-building, motivates your employees, and can make your meeting both meaningful and eminently memorable. We’ve compiled a selection of popular activities for inspiration so that we can find exactly the right event for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us; we’re always happy to make suggestions to find the right activities that suit your particular team.


Adrenaline and action with this thrilling seafaring go-kart. Learn to drive a Speedcat — a lightweight but blazing fast 50 horse power watercraft. Each boat will take two crew members, one handing speed and direction while the other manages the ship’s balance.

Mountain Bike

Whether out in the countryside or down a trail, you’ll have the pleasure of experiencing The Bjäre Peninsula’s varied and beautiful mountain biking landscape. Your guide can also adjust the schedule and pacing of the bike tour according to the group’s ability.

Shipyard Challenge 

Design, build and compete in a custom designed boat. With a combination of teamwork and creativity, your team has the opportunity to collaborate together to develop their ideas and design them as they see fit — all to construct their custom boat and achieve their ultimate goal.

Kungsbygget Adventure

Kungsbygget Park is a beautiful locale nestled in Hallandsås. The park is full of lovely forest areas and features a fantastic view of Halland. Here you can experience all sorts of activities such as summer sledding, zip lining, climbing, cycling and our exclusive bungy rocket.


Concentration, focus and mental fortitude — you’ll need to really focus to hit your mark. Participants compete individually or as teams against one another. Marksman activities include training with bows, air guns, air rifles and blowpipe.


Padel is a fun social sport that is easy to play, ensuring that anyone can join in the fun. The sport is a combination of tennis and squash where four players are on the pitch. Regardless of past experience, it’s a game that just about anyone can pick up and play!


Gårdskampen is an activity area where all activities take place indoors. Participants are divided into teams that will duel in a 10-challenge fight against one another. Physical challenges are mixed with collaborative exercises and clever puzzles — all must be overcome at Gårdskampen!

More popular activities

For intellectual challenges that will put your logical thinking, wit and general knowledge to the test, we recommend the Music Quiz, Master Mind, and Urspårat. There are also many relaxing activities such as a leisurely expedition on a stand up paddleboard, playing golf at Sweden’s best golf courses, or running a pentathlon and partaking in myriad beach games. Prefer some entertainment or an activity over dinner? We have all sorts of fantastic conference coordinators at the hotel, plus we collaborate closely with the activity company Together we’ll put together conference activities that are perfect for your team.

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