Strand Party venue

Strand is the name of our newest meeting room, which is a beautiful banquet hall with lovely space and panoramic windows facing the beach. The perfect venue for parties, weddings and conferences. The venue can accommodate approximately 100 seated guests, depending on seating arrrangement, but can also be opened up towards Restaurant Riviera and form one large venue. Adjacent to Strand is our new outdoor dining area, where you sit with a view of the inner courtyard sheltered from the sea winds.

Size and max. capacity

Approximately 100 seated guests, depending on seating arrrangement


Laser projector WUXGA 6000ANSI
HDMI input and Clickshare
Sound system BOSE with top and sub
Wireless headset and hand mic
Direct input external sound via 2x XLR
Controllable lighting via touch panel
Power 16amp outlet

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